Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What size do I need for my dog?

When determining the correct Pupkits size for your dog, it is important that you look at the nature of your dog. Does he or she likes small spaces? Then a smaller size will not be a problem. Our experience is that most dogs appreciate a bit of space! Mail to when you are in doubt, perhaps we can help you in making a choice.

Is the pupkits washable?

Yes, Pupkits is machine washable and can be tubmled dry Low. You can find the washing instructions here:

Can I return pupkits?

The Pupkits can be returned only when unused. So no stains and hair in the Pupkits. The Pupkits should be in the original packaging and has to have the original tags still on. Returns must be sent to Pupkits PH at the owners expense. To make a right choice is always possible to see the Cozy Cave in our showroom!

What can I do if I have a complaint?

We try to do everything to help you. Even if something is wrong. Your complaint, you can sent it any time to: