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Flock Haven - Pet Bed

Flock Haven - Pet Bed


Introducing our avian-inspired haven for your beloved furry companions: the Flock Haven Pet Bed. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this luxurious bed features a captivating design of flocks of birds, evoking a sense of serene tranquility and natural beauty. 


Designed with the comfort of your pet in mind, the Flock Haven Dog Bed boasts a plush pillow-like surface, offering a sumptuously soft resting place for big cats and dogs alike. Just like sinking into a cloud, moreover this pet bed is water repelant which  your pet will experience the ultimate relaxation, mirroring the blissful repose of their pet parents.



  • SIZE:

    85 x 135 cm 


    Machine washable with regular temp.
    Air dry only. Do NOT spin dry as this can make the filling inside clumpy! 

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